Demo Mirador 3 by Biblissima

In this demo Biblissima gathered IIIF manifests from three different institutions in the Mirador viewer.

Experiment with the viewer and discover how IIIF facilitates comparative research.

To the Mirador 3 demo

Guided viewing of Holbein’s Ambassadors

Discover an inspiring example of a guided viewing based on a IIIF manifest, made by Cogapp.

Discover Holbein's Ambassadors

IIIF Fridays

Three 60 to 90 minute video sessions (in Dutch) in which IIIF professionals share and discuss projects and opportunities.

Collaboration between Vlaamse Kunstcollectie, Openbare Bibliotheek Brugge, UGent and meemoo vzw.

To the videos on

Manuscripts at University Library Ghent

UL Ghent, one of the main partners of Mmmonk, is a trailblazer in the field of digital collection management. Their manuscripts are available in IIIF.

Peruse their stunning copy of the Liber Floridus in the UniversalViewer.

Finding IIIF manifests in UL Ghent catalogue

Short tutorial on how to retrieve the IIIF manifest of manuscripts in the UL’s online catalogue.



Every IIIF image has a uniform resource identifier (URI). The following document on explains the syntax of a URI and shows how images can be cropped, rotated, adapted in size, colour and format, by manipulating the URI.

The explanation is not exactly aimed at IT novices, so we will provide a more accessible tutorial in stage 3 of Mmmonk.

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